Terms of Use

Thank you for choosing Shape Lovers, our goal is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Shape Lovers offers a Fresh Meal Plan based on well balanced nutritional guidelines, allowing our customers to accommodate it into their daily lives, either for weight loss, healthier eating or convenience. Shape Lovers does have several alternatives for whatever your needs may be. Shape Lovers is recognized for serving, low fat, low sodium, low carbohydrate, low calorie, sugar free and portion controlled meals, delivered to your door daily from Monday to Friday.

Shape Lovers, offers the opportunity to choose our Traditional Menu, and/or Bistro Menu. Shape Lovers focuses primarily on offering an extensive range of worldwide cuisine for your nutritional needs.

Traditional Menu
Shape Lovers offers a Traditional Menu for lunch and dinner with competitive prices. This menu consists of a variety of meals that change from week to week, for an approximate period of 9 weeks’ worth of enjoyable meals.

Shape Lovers offers lunches that consist of a main dish, side dish, soup and dessert. Enjoy our 4 course lunch meal for just $11.25 daily per person.

Shape Lovers offers dinners that consist of a main dish and a side dish. Enjoy our dinner meal for $9.25 daily per person.

Shape Lovers offers a Bistro Menu that consists of wraps, sandwiches and salads. Combos are also available for you to add to your order, these combos consist of half of a sandwich or half of a wrap served with a soup and fruits. This is a set menu that is available based on what we offer for the day.

A La Carte
Shape Lovers offers the option to choose extra meals from the Traditional Menu and are sold by dish individually.

Shape Lovers offers an alternative option to swap dishes between lunch and dinner, substitutions between side dishes, soup, and dessert are allowed under the same lunch menu options. For example, you can order 2 side dishes and no soup. We also offer substitution for the main course and the options for you to choose are the following: Sautéed Chicken Breast, Fish Filet, Seasoned Beef Tips, or Ground Turkey “Liborito”. Any substitution from the menu or changes has to be confirmed by our customer service department in order to be effective. Automatic substitutions will be applied to dishes that contain ingredients listed on the account as allergies.

***Shape Lovers saves you money when buying the Traditional Menu of lunch and dinner in combination***

Terms and Conditions

As a valued customer, we want you to be aware of our policies and procedures so that we may service your needs in a timely manner. Please read Shape Lovers terms and conditions carefully.

Shape Lovers payment system is an agreement between you and the company. By subscribing to our service you are responsible to provide timely payment. You must read, agree and sign our terms and conditions as part of your consent for us to be able to begin your service, allowing us to charge your account every week in advance. Please note that online sign ups are automatically placed as a reoccurring service.

Shape Lovers offers Traditional and Bistro Menu as part of our compromise to help you achieve a healthy body and a perfect shape. As a recurring customer you will receive meals weekly, unless you decide to cancel our service. Cancellations need to be done with a minimum of 48 hours in advanced and by 2:00PM, in order to be effective. Any notification after 2:00PM will be reflect on our next business day and done within the 48 hours policy.

The menu for the week will be available on our website and every Wednesday we post the menu for the following week for you to review it. If you need to make any changes, you may do so by contacting our office with 48 hours in advance and during our business hours. The side dish, soup, or dessert may substitute one for another. If a substitution of any of our dishes is chosen, changes must be made with a minimum of 48hrs in advance and before 2PM.

We guarantee delivery to new accounts that have placed their order 48hrs in advance and by 2PM during our business hours. New accounts can be created also over the phone with a Shape Lovers Customer Service Agent. All customers that place an account online will be required to pre-pay for service with a credit/debit card, prior to commencement of food deliveries to guarantee their first week of service, check or money order will be accepted after first week of service, (cash is not accepted).

Customer accounts that are set up for Credit Card charge will be billed every Wednesday prior to the week of service. Since your account is a recurring service any account not cancelled within 48 hours in advance will be subject to be charged continuously. If your account is set up to pay with Check or Money Order, you need to ensure that payment is received in our office by Thursday prior to the week of service. To guarantee that your payment is in our office in a timely manner and that your account is current, we recommend you mail in your payment with a sufficient amount of time. If you prefer to send it with the driver, you may do so however our drivers are not responsible to pick up checks and turn them in to the office. Our drivers pick up checks as a courtesy.

Shape Lovers requires that you must read and agree with our terms and conditions for credit card usage, and will be billed on the day the order is placed. As a card holder, you consent and authorize Shape Lovers to charge your account in order to commence your service. When sending a check or money order, you must send it to our office at 5485 NW 79 Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33166.

If your credit card is expired or declined, then your service will be suspended and you will only receive your meals up to where your service is paid for. If you send a check it must be in our office before your week starts. Otherwise you will not received service until payment is in our accounting office.

Shape Lovers does not issue reimbursements. Once our billing system charges your account by credit card or check and changes or cancellations occur in your account, we will not issue reimbursements back to credit cards or in a check. The credit will be applied on your Shape Lovers account to be used towards future orders.

You may terminate your use with Shape Lovers payment system within a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Any credit remaining in your account will remain in your Shape Lovers account. Remaining credit can be used at any time and does not expire. No money will be refunded back under any circumstance.

Shape Lovers reserves the right to terminate your account if you breach the terms of this agreement in which you have engaged with Shape Lovers.

Shape Lovers has various types of accounts, these include individual account holders, multi account holders and corporate account holders, all of these accounts need to be registered under one individual who will be designated as the “principal account holder”, any other people register under the same account will have their own profile listed in the account. Therefore, only the person in charge of this account will be responsible for account balances, changes and or cancelations. This is to simplify the billing process for the customer and errors that can be made from having multiple people on an account. If form of payment is unsuccessful, the entire account will be suspended until another type of payment option is provided to restore your service.

To have your account cancelled temporarily or permanently and to qualify for a credit, if this is the case, cancellations must be made 48hrs in advance and before 2PM. Cancellations made via email, fax or voice mail will NOT be accepted. To ensure quality satisfaction and improve our service, we appreciate if a reason for cancelation at the time of terminating service is provided.

Consumers may suffer from different types of allergens or dietary restrictions and we understand the diverse dietary requirements that our customers might have, we take food allergies and/or dietary restrictions very seriously. It is critical that you help us to try to accommodate those needs, it is the customer’s responsibility to communicate special requirements or changes 48hrs in advance and before 2PM prior to service and confirmed by a Customer Service Agent. These changes may involve quantity of meals, address corrections, substitutions or any other modifications in the account. Changes made via email, fax or voice mail will NOT be accepted.

Shape Lovers and its employees do not assume responsibility for a person’s sensitivities and restrictions. We encourage anyone with allergens or special dietary restrictions to contact our office to obtain the latest information about our food before you order.

We provide delivery service to different location such as home, business or schools within Miami Dade, Homestead and some areas of Broward. Certain zones have limitations due to areas we yet don’t deliver to, if an area is not showing please contact our office to confirm if we serve that area.

It is the customer responsibility to facilitate the delivery of the meals. If you will not be personally accepting the delivery, your meal will be left at your door or front desk if that option is available, with receptionist or any median available for delivery. Please provide any special instructions to make it a successful delivery. If no one is going to be available at the time of delivery, we suggest that you leave a cooler with ice outside in order for us to leave your meal and preserve the freshness of the meal. Shape Lovers is not responsible for any meal that is stolen, lost or cannot be delivered due to inaccessibility.

Delivery is between 7:00AM and 2:00PM, we do not guarantee a specific time of delivery. Shape Lovers, however makes every effort possible to accommodate times. In extreme situations, we reserve all rights for any change necessary to our deliveries. . We guarantee that your meals will be received no later than 2:00PM. If you receive your meal after this time frame, Shape Lovers will credit you for the meals received out of our delivery schedule only, and this credit will only be credited to the Shape Lovers account.

Shape Lovers considers working business days Monday through Friday. Our office is open during normal business hours, Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM. Our online service is available for use when our office is closed. Orders received after our cut-off times will be processed the next working day within our 48 hours policy.

Shape Lovers will be closed on the following Holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Black Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day. We will also be closing early on: Good Friday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Please be advised that there may be other days that Shape Lovers may need to close and those days will be added as needed.

In no event shall Shape Lovers, LLC, and its managers, members, officers, employees, salespersons, or agents (collectively “Shape Lovers”), be liable for any indirect, consequential, special, contingent, exemplary or punitive damages incurred by you whether or not such damages are based in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise. The foregoing limitation of liability will not apply to the extent Shape Lovers’ is grossly negligent or to the extent of Shape Lovers’ willful misconduct. Shape Lovers’ total liability for any claims of any nature with respect to the services and products provided by Shape Lovers will not exceed the aggregate fees paid by you with respect to the services and products of which such claim is made.

Shape Lovers is entitled to update the website as frequent as necessary to ensure full satisfaction to its members. In order to do so, you may experience from time to time website down time, temporarily suspension and inaccessibility to your account. If you experience any of this, please pardon us in advance as we are trying to improve our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to our main office at (305) 264-4423 during our business hours. It will be a pleasure to assist you.