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Shape Lovers offers unique catering items to compliment any gathering.
Call us today so that we can help create a customized menu for your event or select from our menu items below!

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Wrap/Sandwich Platters $29.95 (serves approx. 8-10 people)
Ham and Pork Cuban Style Wrap (sundried tomato or white wrap)
Chicken Caesar Wrap (spinach or white wrap)
Chicken Tuscan Wrap (sundried tomato wrap)
Honey Roasted Turkey Wrap (wheat or spinach wrap)
Honey Curry Chicken Salad Wrap with or without walnuts(wheat wrap)
Pesto Chicken Salad w/cranberries sandwich on baguette
Chicken Salad with apples on whole wheat bread
Tuna Salad sandwich on whole wheat or baguette
Egg Salad on whole wheat bread
Ham and Cheese on Croissant
Media Noche Sandwich
Turkey w/brie spread and apples on baguette
Crudite Platter $20
Spanish Tortilla $18
Fruit Bowl $24.95
Chicken Tender platter $31.95
Meatballs $31.95
Shrimp Cocktail Platter (market price)
Chicken Dip w/chips platter $18
Family Size Desserts (serves approx. 12 people) $24
Arroz con leche
Mocha Espresso Delight
Passion Fruit Mousse
Three Chocolate Mousse
Strawberry Mousse Cake
Pineapple Upside Down
Pink Tart
Tres Leches
3Lb Salad Options
Egg Salad $20
Quinoa $25
Tuna Salad $20
Curry Chicken Salad $25
Chicken Salad $20
$99.95 Special (serves approx 12-15 people)
Celebration Package #1
(1) Chicken tender platter
(1)Ham and Cheese wrap platter
(1)Veggie Platter
Choice of flan or tres leches family style Dessert

Celebration package #2
(1)Meatball platter
(1)Ham and Cheese wrap platter
(1)Veggie platter
Choice of flan or tres leches family style dessert
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